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The benefits to buying Australian

We have all seen ‘Made in Australia’ or ‘Australian Made’ stamped on products we have bought or thought about buying, but how many people understand the significance behind those statements?

There are a plethora of reasons for businesses and individuals to purchase Australian made goods over imported alternatives. These range from quality of build through to various economical impacts that buying Australian made product has on our own economy.  

One of the obvious benefits to buying Australian is an increase in the production quality of the product. A huge amount of Australian made products are constructed using quality, sometimes local, materials, and are made by highly skilled individuals who are professionals in what they do. This may mean that the products are individually assembled, and a level of care is placed on the manufacturing of these products. Unlike an imported product which may have been mass produced with quantity being of larger concern than quality. From a business standpoint, whether what you are purchasing will be an asset to your internal proceedings, or an item you are looking to sell to market, investing in quality products will always hold you in good stead.

Australian Made products are also held extremely accountable in regard to quality and performance through varies warranties and consumer guarantees. Often Australian manufactures will further extend their warranty options due to the faith they have in their own products.

At Technology Core an example of this would be our extended 5 Year warranty on our Australian Manufactured range of mobile screen solutions.

Since 1 January 2011, the following consumer guarantees on products and services apply.​

Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:

Products must also:

In a rapidly changing world, many everyday consumers may not be fully aware of the importance of purchasing ‘Australian Made’.  This action produces a valuable ‘ripple effect’ which is vital in strengthening our National economy.

The Australian economy is made up of many smaller segments which can be broken down into states, suburbs etc. A single transaction of an Australian made good or service creates a ripple effect which positively effects multiple segments, thus strengthening the economy overall.

Purchasing an ‘Australian Made’ product means that money spent on that product remains within our economy. This in turn supports Australian Businesses and their Employees. These employees may then go on to support other Australian Businesses through their own local purchases.

An example of this process is how the Mobile Screen Solution sales at Technology Core go towards supporting our local manufacturers. They in turn go on to support other local businesses thus strengthening their local micro-economy. The more these smaller economies can be strengthened by these types of transactions, the greater the overall benefit for Australia.

This is extremely relevant given the current state of economic uncertainty, not only within Australia, but all over the world. Australians are renowned for coming together during a crisis, and this has never been more important to our future than now. To help maintain our own economy we should emphasise the importance of buying  ‘Australian Made’, not only for the positive economic ripple effects, but the other the key benefits our products provide for our customers compared to the imported alternatives.

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