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HDi edge Slim IR Touchscreen

Interactive display for wall-mount or mobile stand

HDi edge multi-touch screens incorporate 20 points of touch with the slimmest IR screen on the market.

4K native resolution (3840 x 2160 px)

AirServer App for content sharing

Inbuilt AirServer app for device mirroring

Dual Wi-Fi cards for improved AirServer performance

Multi-touch — Up to 20 touch points

Front and Rear USB-C ports for combined touch and video

Available sizes:

4K Resolution

Slim IR Technology

4 mm toughened glass

Mobility Options

The World's best mirroring software

is now part of HDi interactive screens

HDi edge Slim IR Touchscreen

HDi edge 2.0 interactive touchscreens build upon HDi’s renowned interactive technology to give the ultimate medium for presentations, interaction, and collaboration.

Every HDi edge 2.0 interactive screen incorporates 20 points of touch, dual Wi-Fi for improved AirServer screen sharing, USB-C ports for single cable connectivity, remote management, and access to both the Google Play Store and HDi’s own managed app store.

With 4K resolution and a 16:9 widescreen format, the HDi edge2.0 screen is perfect for any viewing area.


Easy access

There are ample I/O ports including a front and rear USB-C port for single cable connections, that would suit any audio-visual environment making the HDi edge2.0 a must-have companion for education, government, and the corporate sector.