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Microsoft Whiteboard Tips

3 Helpful Tips for Teachers

Microsoft Whiteboard is a powerful application that is designed to work perfectly with pen, touch, and keyboard. It gives your ideas room to grow and transform your lessons on an infinite canvas.

1. Ink to table

Whiteboard allows you to create organised and clean tables on the fly with just a few ink strokes. You can highlight cells and add or remove columns or rows. To begin a table, first draw a square on the canvas. Once it is recognised by Whiteboard, bisect the shape with a vertical or horizontal line to create columns and rows, respectively.
Click on the 3 lines icon  >>  Activate Ink to table >>  Draw a square  >>   Add columns or arrows.

2. Inserting images from the Internet

Microsoft Whiteboard allows you to insert images from the Internet using the BING search engine. 
Tap the Image button in the toolbar, then tap Bing image and search to bring up the Bing Search dialog. From here, you can write a search term that will return pictures and interactive content that you can place on your whiteboard. Tap the Insert button to insert selected content on your whiteboard.

Click on the image button  >>  Select Bing image  >>  Write the topic  >>   Select Image from Bing.

3. Clear canvas

It’s super easy to clean the full canvas and start drawing again. Simply follow these steps.

Click on the eraser icon  >>  Click on Clear Canvas >>  Start a new drawing

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