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Microsoft Whiteboard Tips -Part2

Top 3 tips for teachers!

Microsoft Whiteboard is a powerful application that is designed to work perfectly with pen, touch, and keyboard. It gives your ideas room to grow and transform your work into professional-looking drawings and shapes on an infinite canvas.

Once again we bring you these useful tips that will make the most of your experience with Microsoft Whiteboard and your interactive screen.

1. Blackboard mode

Microsoft Whiteboard allows you to customise the background choosing from different colors and textures. Various research has shown that Black backgrounds and bright color ink help to improve your audience concentration levels.

2. Ink to shape

Transform your work into professional-looking charts and shapes on an infinite canvas. When you activate this option, Microsoft Whiteboard will generate a perfect shape you just handrawn.

3. Inserting media on the canvas

Insert any photo to your canvas by simply dragging and dropping it from your computer or clicking on the image button from the main tools menu and press “Add image”

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