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Marsden Park NSW install 20 HDi Edge NG panels throughout school

Marsden Park Public School is a NSW based school located 49 km north west of Sydney CBD.

Technology Core have been successfully installing its 75” HDi interactive panels over the past year.

After the original 10 x HDi screens were procured, installed and training was delivered, the school then went on to purchase a further 10 screens.

“ I inherited a mixture of different interactive whiteboards with projectors and interactive touch screen brands when I started at Marsden Park Public School. We have now standardised on the HDi brand of screens which work beautifully. When HDi is combined with the intuitive Microsoft Toolset teachers can focus on the curriculum not the technology. “

As always, the Technology Core install team enjoyed working with the school to make sure their technological journey began positively.

“ The installation team are sensational! They listened and installed the screens as requested then cleaned up afterwards. Nothing was too much trouble. We have over 20 HDi interactive screens now”

The team look forward to more training and support sessions with Marsden PS.

About HDi

HDi™ is a leading manufacturer of high quality interactive presentation and leading-edge digital teaching aids. Our innovative multi-touch displays, interactive whiteboards, mobile trolleys and hearing augmentation systems are used in hundreds of institutions nationwide.


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