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CJ Arms and its HDi 86″ experience

Based in Melbourne, CJ Arms is a design firm located in Southbank and it is not just a leading hydraulics engineering consultancy firm but also formed by experts in sustainable water management. Just give them a space with a water challenge and they will create beautiful landscaped environments with multiple uses that tell a water story.

Having in mind the idea of a more productive meeting room and collaborating space, CJ Arms team acquired one of our star products: the 86” HDi Slim IR screen. This screen offers a great performance when it comes to work with illustrations, technical drawings and maps, making this screen the perfect tool for high performance work.

“Our clients are always impressed with the technology and we all have so much fun designing and workshopping ideas whilst drawing on the big screen.”
CJ Arms design team

Having a 86″ screen in the meeting room, the CJ Arms team is able to video conference and collaborate with their interstate office seamlessly, also they can turn an idea in their heads into a physical line immediately on the screen, this means that their workshops flow, ideas are generated quickly and they get a deeper understanding of the projects

“The screens allow us to immediately turn thoughts into visual ideas. Presentations become interactive by being able to physically draw on the board and project ideas or comments straight away, which facilitates effective communication.”
CJ Arms design team

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