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HDi Australian Made Research

Research and Innovation

The HDi brand was born in Australia over 10 years ago. Our locally based’ RnD’ team are responsible for adopting and testing new technologies to incorporate across our HDi range. We scour the globe for the best new innovations to bring into our home grown brand, allowing us to be first to market with the latest technology advancements.

User Interface

The HDi user interface is designed here in Australia by our professional User Experience (UX) design team.
The focus for the team was to produce a user interface that was ultra-simple to use to navigate the features of the HDi screen whilst looking fantastic!

HDi Australian Made UI
HDi Australian Made Electronic


The HDi range of solutions include our home grown and designed mobile solutions. The engineering team design a range of popular trolleys and electric height adjustable mounting solutions. Such are the popularity of these models, we are often tasked with designing products for alternative brands of screens.


The design team at HDi is responsible for everything including how our touchscreens look and feel, to how our mobile units are moved and manipulated. Our sleek ‘Slim IR’ design for the HDi touchscreens and 0.2ml air gap touch technology are testament to the ongoing commitment from this team to bring the latest and greatest innovations to all HDi products.

HDi Australian Made Design
HDi Australian Made Manufacture


The HDi mobility solution range is proudly manufactured here in Australia by expert professionals using locally sourced materials.

Local materials

Our products use high quality local materials to support Australian industries. One of the advantages of using local materials is the immediate availability that reduces production times for a quicker distribution of our products.

HDi Australian Made Localmaterials