Digital signage

Multi-touch digital signage & kiosk

Touch-sensing freestanding digital signage

Key features:
  • Integrated Full-HD panel
  • Multi-touch capability
  • Built-in OPS PC
  • Integrated speaker system
  • Mobility roller wheels
Display resolution:

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Interactive advertising / information kiosk with built-in OPS PC and integrated speakers.

HDi Interactive freestanding digital signage solutions allow you to broadcast a variety of interactive content to your target audience.

This contemporary communication solution outperforms traditional signs, pamphlets and posters by offering dynamic integrated audio, video and imagery. Whatever your objective may be this digital kiosk solution offers informative, interactive and content-rich media to bolster user-experience.


  • Robust steel exterior
  • Easy-clean gloss finish
  • Windows 8 touch sensor certification
  • LG Brand — superior edge-lit IPS display
  • Familiar "Gesture" touch recognition