PCAP workspace

HDi workspace 84"

Capacitive touch table for collaborative environments .

Key features:
  • Plug and play system
  • 4K resolution native resolution (3840 x 2160 px)
  • OPS slot for PC (Optional)
  • Projected capacitive touch technology (PCAP) optically bonded
  • Electric height-adjustable trolley
  • No air-gap for a better touch experience
  • Aluminum Bezel
Display resolution:
Available sizes:

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HDI's brand new product,HDI workspace, is the ultimate business & corporate solution to present and collaborate across the office or across the world.

4K Capacitive touch screen

4K resolution provides an ideal medium for presentations. PCAP technology optically bounded

Easy Connectivity

Offers various inputs including USB (touch and memory), HDMI from the side and RS232.

Aluminum Bezel

Premium and stylish design.

Drive the workspace like you would your smartphone

By touching your home button, you can directly access the Android home page for complete ease of use.

HDi Connect

Available to display any device in the room. Simple one button press for wireless presentations.


5.1 (Lollipop) OS Version, Quad Core 1.2GHz CPU, 2G DRAM.

Easy Pen

Walk up + use whiteboarding.


Integrated Windows 10 available.

No air gap

No gap between your finger and cursor and quicker response.


Compatible with Windows and Mac.