Hearing augmentation

Integrated speaker system

All-in-one speaker system

Key features:
  • Includes 2x streamlined 25w speakers
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Built-in microphone control
  • Separate volume control
  • Outputs include USB, HDMI & VGA
PDF Data sheet: Datasheet

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The AV controller, also referred to as the integrator, can be used with your choice of speakers. It uses digital audio amplifier circuitry to produce clear and crisp sound replicated at full efficiency with no loss in sound quality. This panel is the ‘brain’ that controls the entire system.

With its in-built microphone function as well as its separate volume control, it means this integrator is fully flexible allowing users to mix sound inputs. The system is also extendable and if needed can be connected to additional amplifier via its variable audio line output located at the back. This means users are not just restricted to the in-built amplifier alone.

The MP3, input further extends the flexibility of this integrator allowing users the option to add music via the standard 3.5mm cable. Additionally, the HDMI, USB and VGA input in the front panel enhances the user-friendliness of the system.


  • Simply connect the provided speaker cables, turn the power on and plug in your chosen devices through the convenient integrated speaker system panel and you are done
  • The panel provides all of the connections you will ever need, it provides: - Two volume controls (Master and Microphone) - Access to MP3, USB, HDMI, VGA and a Microphone jack - An in-built audio codec that will take the audio signal from your PC to the USB cable - An in-built amplifier - A 'Mute' button
  • Output from the panel include: USB, HDMI, Variable Line OUT and VGA
  • Includes a USB-A output (marked as USB THRU) for saving your work created on your interactive whiteboard
  • Easy to install with step-by-step instructions